Welcome to RestoreCord, your ultimate Discord recovery solution. Founded in 2020, RestoreCord has been providing top-notch services to all kind of Discord users worldwide. Our mission is to help users recover their Discord servers after being nuked, raided, or lost, with ease and reliability.

New to RestoreCord?

RestoreCord is a Discord recovery service that allows you to restore your Discord Server (along with members & settings) after being nuked, raided, or otherwise lost.

Where can I use RestoreCord?

RestoreCord has multiple use cases:

  • Verification Service
  • Server Backup & Restore
    • Server Configuration
    • Channels
    • Messages
    • Permissions
    • Roles
  • Transfer members between the Old and New server
  • Light alternate account detection
  • And more!

How does RestoreCord work?

RestoreCord uses Discord’s OAuth2 and API features to allow your server members to verify themselves. Once Authorized, RestoreCord has special permissions on your members account which allows us to add your members back to your server. This is entirely safe and secure, and we never get access to your members account.

Some stats

  • 45,000+ Accounts
  • 2,000+ Customers
  • 25,000+ Servers
  • 11,000,000+ Verified Members
  • 99.99% uptime (last 90 days)

last updated December 6th 2023