How to Reset and Update Your Bot’s Token on RestoreCord

Facing difficulties with your bot or need to reset its token for security reasons? This guide will assist you in resetting and updating your bot’s token effectively, a necessary step for maintaining secure and smooth operation of your bot on RestoreCord.


Identifying the Correct Bot

Ensure you are updating the correct bot’s settings:

  1. Open Discord Developer Portal in your browser.
  2. Sign in with your Discord account.
  3. Select “Applications” and pick your bot.
  4. Confirm the “Client ID” matches with your RestoreCord bot’s ID.

This verification is key to avoid changes to the wrong bot.


Generating a New Bot Token

The bot token is essential for bot operations. Follow these steps to reset it:

  1. Within the Discord Developer Portal, click on the “Bot” tab for your application.
  2. Find the “Token” section.
  3. Press “Reset Token” and then confirm in the popup.

Remember, your old token will stop working immediately after the reset.


Applying the New Token on RestoreCord

Update RestoreCord with the new token:

  1. Copy the new token from the Discord Developer Portal.
  2. Visit RestoreCord Bot Dashboard.
  3. Go to your bot’s settings.
  4. Enter the new token in the “Bot Token” section and save.

Updating the token fixes issues between your bot and RestoreCord.

Changes might take up to one hour to take effect. If problems persist after this period, please reach out to us on Discord or seek help at the RestoreCord Community Forum.